Collection: Anatolia Tile and Stone

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Collection: Anatolia Tile and Stone

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About Anatolia Tile and Stone

Never stop exploring with Ivanees!

Ivanees Anatolia Tile collection brings you so many excellent options for your walls and flooring. These floor and wall tiles are perfect for creating an enchanting look in your living or workspace. Get an amazing tiling option for every location, including the bathroom, living room, hallway, terrace, office, hotel, hospital, etcetera.

Moreover, we deal in porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, glass tile, marble tile, natural stone tile, etcetera. These tiles are ideal for both residential and commercial application purposes. Apart from that, backsplash tile, large format tile, mosaic tiles, tile edge trim, etcetera are some of the variants we offer.

The best thing about these tiles is that they come with several amazing benefits. First of all, the tiles are affordable. So, you do not need to worry about being limited with options just because you have a low budget. You will always find a suitable option for your location.

Other than that, the Anatolia Tile collection is a suitable option for high-traffic indoors. These tiles will not break or chip easily. In fact, you can easily move hefty furniture on our floor tiles without worrying about breaking them.

Then there?s water resistance. Our floor and wall tiles are waterproof. You can install these tiles in both dry and wet indoors. So if you wish to buy a tile for your shower walls, you can look for our glass tiles, porcelain tiles, or mosaic tiles.


Some popular materials Anatolia Tile offers

Marble tile

One of the durable flooring options is marble tile. It has scenic marble textures, and its durability is commendable. You can opt for a marble tile option for your high traffic indoors.

Ceramic tiles

You can count on the durability and efficiency of ceramic tiles for both residential and commercial purposes. In addition, these ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

Glass tiles

Explore the numerous color and design options via the glass tiles variants of Anatolia Tile. These tiles will not break easily, and they are 100% waterproof.

Porcelain tile

Find large format tile for your flooring purpose in the porcelain tile option. Our porcelain tile collection is ideal for both floor and wall tiles. Plus, they are eligible for wet indoors.˜

Natural stone tile

The rigid composition of durable materials makes our natural stone tile construction break-resistant and eligible for high-traffic areas.


Shop for Anatolia Tile based on looks

Wood look tiles

Get wood look tiles for your decor and create a cozy vintage look. The tiles replicate an authentic wood floor look that will uplift your decor and create a vintage-looking indoor.

Subway tiles

Create an authentic subway look with the classic subway tiles. These tiles resemble the typical subway look that can look creative with several color options.

Hexagon tiles

Opt for the hexagon tiles and create a geometrically-inspired look for your walls and floors. The hexagon tiles are available in both floor and wall tiles.

Brick look tile

You can create a retro-modern-looking indoor with the brick look tile. These tiles are ideal as contemporary-looking wall tiles. At the same time, they have this rustic vibe.

Penny tile

Highlight your walls with the penny tile mosaics. These mosaic tiles are exquisite in terms of prominently highlighting the walls.