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Collection: Ceramic Tile

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About Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tiles - A must-have option for every indoor!

Shop for the best suitable ceramic tiles for your floor and walls with Ivanees. We offer an affordable range of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles that you can pick for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, hospitals, hotels, etcetera. We have a wide range of ceramic tile options available in numerous colors, textures, patterns, designs, sizes, and budgets. The endearing textures and shade options will surely create an intriguing look in your living or workspace.

What is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tiles are made with the 5-step technique, mining, blending & mixing red and brown clay, dry-dust pressing inside the molds, glazing the surface, and firing inside the kiln. This typical technique results in an extremely durable tile that you can use on walls and floors.

Temperature plays a vital role in making the tiles robust. Firing at higher temperatures ensures that the tiles become break-resistant. This way, they will be ideal to use in high-traffic areas. Nowadays, there are many designs available in the market for ceramic tiles. Their versatile looks make them eligible for almost every kind of indoor.

Features you get!


Whether you opt for ceramic wall tiles or ceramic floor tiles, you will find them sustainable. They are ideal or the long run because they can easily sustain wear and tear. Apart from that, they are environmentally sustainable as well. No harmful components are present in the manufacturing process that might cause environmental trouble. Thus, this sustainable option is a sure thing to consider for renovation projects.

Hygienic option

If you are bothered by the thought that ceramic tile for kitchen or ceramic tile for bathroom can form an unhygienic slippery layer on the surface due to moisture interference, then you can relax. Tiles made of ceramic are easy to clean and are pretty hygienic. So you can wipe off dirt without worrying about damaging them.

The colors do not get affected

People might think that the colors of the tile?s surface will fade away over time. In fact, some think that cleaning with a soap-based cleaner can affect the colors and textures, and it will not last wear and tear. Well, this is not the problem with these tiles. The colors will stay just the way they used to look when you first brought them.

Advantage Ceramic Tiles offer:

  • Durable - Whether we talk about strength or longevity, they will always be a durable option to opt for. Their excellent thickness makes them last impressively in high-traffic sites. Plus, cleaning and maintaining the surface is not such a difficult task. These benefits ensure that they are durable to consider, and you can surely look for ceramic tiles for living room or any other high-traffic area.
  • Water-resistant - The water-resistance rate of ceramic material is quite commendable. So, you can look for ceramic tiles for bathroom or ceramic tiles for kitchen as they will not get affected by moisture interference. Plus, they are an ideal option for backsplash walls.
  • Environment-friendly - No harmful materials are present in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles. So they cannot harm the environment by releasing toxins into the atmosphere.
  • Availability of options - Undoubtedly, the availability of options in the ceramic tile range is quite many. You can find them in almost any color, size, shape, design, texture, and finish option.˜
  • Budget-friendly - They don?t cost too much. You can give the indoors a desirable look with these tiles, that too, within your budget limit. From an economical range to an elite option, everything is available in the market.

Types available in Ceramic Tiles

It does not matter where, why, and for what purpose you need tiles for, you will always find a suitable type in ceramic tiling. There are majorly 4 types of ceramic tiles, i.e.,

  • Ceramic wall tile
  • Ceramic floor tile
  • Ceramic tiles for the bathroom
  • Ceramic tiles for kitchen

Available finishes in Ceramic Tiles

Glazed - Glazed ceramic tile contains a slick yet slippery layer coating on the tile?s surface that offers the tiles a long-lasting and lustrous look.

Matte - Matte finish is a modern demand that makes the walls look decently fascinating. You can opt for matte finish tiles to prevent skidding on the floor. Also, they don?t easily smudge.

Glossy - To give your indoors a long-lasting shine and impactful look, you should try opting for glossy finish tiles. This finish is stain and scratch-resistant that is supposedly ideal for residential and commercial sites.

Polished - A polished finish on the surface makes the tiles easy to clean. However, you need to be careful with them. Most importantly, this finish is not recommended for ceramic floor tile.

Get every option under one roof!

Shop for every type of ceramic tile at Ivanees and give your decor a charming look. We offer ceramic tiles that are durable and available in almost every color, finish, style, design, and size. Apart from that, you will get an easy-to-maintain tiling option that does not take too much time to clean and is not affected due to stains and scratches.˜

So, don?t wait up! Shop for budget-friendly ceramic tiles for your living or workspace that will last for a long time. Shop with us and get them delivered to your doorstep. You can also prefer going to our Tile store in Louisville, Kentucky, to find other home improvement items. We offer curb-side pickup and in-store pickup as well.