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Collection: Bathroom Exhaust

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    About Bathroom Exhaust

    Ivanees presents you with the finest bathroom exhaust fan that will help in creating a humid-free environment for your bathroom. The bathroom exhaust collection is undoubtedly a must-have fixture that you should use. If you are planning for a bathroom makeover, then you must understand how important it is to consider efficient fixtures over good-looking elements.

    However, we are providing you with both. Our exhaust fan range is ideal from all perspectives. They will help eliminate odor, fumes, humidity, and moisture from the bathroom with their effective feature. Its powerful motor and high-performance feature make it a fine addition. Simultaneously, the fixture has quite a subtle look that perfectly blends with your bathroom?s decor.

    What more do you get with the bathroom exhaust fan?

    LED light panel

    Yeah! You heard that correctly. With Ivanees, you do not get just any bathroom exhaust fan, we are offering you an upgraded fixture for your bathrooms. We have exhaust fans with an LED light panel attached. These panel-enabled fans are eligible for dispersing a warm lighting effect in your cozy bathing area. Thus, the fan will serve its primary purpose of evicting humidity and will also upgrade your bathroom?s ambiance.

    Benefits of bathroom exhaust fan

    Ultra silent

    Our bathroom exhaust range is eligible for ultra-silent performance. The fans do not contain a heft motor system that makes too much noise. In fact, it has a pretty efficient motor system that can effortlessly work without troubling you with irritating noises.

    Overload disconnect

    The fans are designed in such a way that they will not invite any hazardous issues. The motor is comprised of an overload disconnect feature that automatically disconnects itself from the main power supply when overloaded.

    4-inch dust collar

    You get a 44-inch dust collar with our bathroom exhaust fan collection. It is beneficial as it prevents dust particles from entering the fan?s body. Thus, the ventilation system will not be tampered with, and the longevity of the fan will be increased.

    High CFM rate

    CFM refers to cubic feet per minute, which indicates the air flow rate of the bathroom exhaust. Our exhaust fans have an excellent air flow rate that effortlessly performs the ventilation process to make the environment humid-free.

    Resists corrosion

    The exhaust?s body is not moisture sensitive. Therefore, it can effortlessly last against humidity and moisture without compromising. So, you will get a rigid and flawless bathroom exhaust body for the longest period of time.

    Give your bathroom a final touch with the most suitable bathroom exhaust fan. Get them at affordable prices and with high-performance features. Our bathroom exhaust collection is Energy Star listed and has light options.

    Shop online and get it delivered to your desired location. You can also visit our store for an in-store pick-up facility. We also provide curbside pick-up.