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Collection: Outdoor Step Lights

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    About Outdoor Step Lights

    Home is a sizeable bounded area consisting of various zones like dining, study, relax zones, or living zones. Finding a perfect illumination fixtures for them requires adequate knowledge of different products. While planning home decor do not forget fair illumination arrangement especially those areas which can cause injuries like stairs, walkaway, and corridors. You can find a beautiful collection of LED lights here on˜Ivanees with ease.

    Why is Lighting Outdoor Steps essential?

    If you are into the home planning stage or in finishing work, then paying attention to the stairs, decks, and patio is vital. In case the sunlight is unavailable, then this area becomes even more vulnerable. Avoiding this can cause severe injuries to your nears and dears as losing balance in a dark area is a pretty common occurrence though it can be prevented. But the question is how?˜

    The answer is- by installing the right light source that can allow proper lighting during the movement. With the variety of lightings suiting both your needs and budget at Ivanees, you can get your job done.

    Important Factors while Installing Outdoor step lights:

    It's time for your kids to say goodbye to the stair fears. Brighten up these crucial areas of your home with our modern and adaptable elegant lighting fixtures. Though there are certain common factors that one should be careful during the installation of any light fixtures. In the case of outdoor˜steps, light LED it's no different. Take care of-

    Coverage Area: Using minimum lighting fixtures in these areas of your home is highly suggested. Though you can use as many lights if highlighting an architectural component or design is your target. Using dimmers is advised.

    Brightness: Avoid too much brightness, especially in the region where stairs are situated. Using eye-pleasing light fixtures with moderate illumination will serve the purpose with ease.

    Size:˜Stair areas are both covered as well as open places so depending upon the size and decks arrange a corresponding size, enough to lighten the space.

    Shape: Rectangular and Square shaped designs are the most preferred ones for the deck and patios.

    Waterproofing: Decks, Stairs, and patios are the regions exposed to the weather, so ensuring an all-round performance over a prolonged period is highly desired.

    Energy Consumption: This is one such aspect that should not be ignored while making a decision. Use low voltage LED bulbs and LED fixtures for efficient power consumption.