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Collection: LED Post Lights | Light Outdoor Lamp

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    About LED Post Lights | Light Outdoor Lamp

    Lamp posts or post lights are prevalent among homes for a long time. Post lights serve two purposes at the same time. First, they help you to keep away the miscreants in the dark as lighting is a crime deterring symbol. Second, it gives an aesthetic appeal to your guests if placed just before the entryways. Apart from that, these LED post lights are also used for fencing illumination purposes.

    What are the benefits of using lamp posts at your home?

    One should not miss using the beautiful lamp posts outside their residences and offices. Why? Because it is beneficial for multiple reasons that you should know

    Lamp Posts are welcoming˜in nature. The lights give the guests a welcoming message in a non-living object form. The post lighting fixtures provide a sense of completeness to your homes because if they are not there, it feels like something is not right at home. Especially the darkness you greet at the entryway transcends a very negative vibe.

    Outdoor Post lights are a crime deterrent˜as lighting itself sends the vibes of increased safety and security. Therefore, using outdoor post lights allows your garden and front area to be a secured place to roam around even at night.

    Post lights are an integral part of home decor˜from both the styling as well as designing point of view. The foundation of your home decor˜starts from your outdoors. Outdoor illumination works as a stepping stone if you want to impress your guests with your sense of styling. Additionally, if there is a distance between the main entrance and the door opening into your home, then they work as a guiding light in the dark to the coming feet.

    Post lights LEDs˜are a fantastic selection if you are a party lover. At times when the natural light disappears at a comparatively earlier time then they give you an instant lighting facility for your outdoor grill party. So, it is an emergency lighting companion for your outdoor lighting needs.

    If you have a good number of lights fixture installed at your place, then you are highly advised to calculate the requirement beforehand. Apply only LED bulbs; otherwise, you will end up paying a hefty electricity bill.

    How to choose the best outdoor Post Lights for my home?

    • The size, width, and height of the post lighting fixture is the first aspect that you should consider in the first place. The next significant concern is ensuring a longer life.
    • Like any outdoor lighting fixture, the LED lamp posts are also exposed to weather, temperature, and water. These elements are unarguably unavoidable, but you still got a solution as you can search for IP rated post light fixtures. If your lamp posts are under shade or covered even then buying a UL listed fixture is highly advisable.
    • Now comes the bulbs which have to be used in the lamps. Make sure you use LED over traditional bulbs are for energy saving. It helps you to cut your electricity bills and offers a longer service life.

    In addition to the entryways where else can I use outdoor lamp posts?

    The use of outdoor post lights is not only limited to the entryways as it can be used anywhere extra illumination is desired. They are an ideal choice for driveways if you have one outside your house or office. In the night they help you to drive to your garage flawlessly. Additionally, they are an obvious choice for illuminating the area near back patios and decks. If you are a game lover and have your fencing topped up with the bright post lamps, then you need not giving a second thought to your soccer urges.

    In case you require a couple of post lights for your home or office then do check out as we have a large variety of lamps to choose from.