Collection: Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

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Collection: Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

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About Double Sink Bathroom Vanities


Double Sink Bathroom Vanities for Double Comfort and Double Accessibility!

Introduce a more flexible grooming station for your bathroom that allows more than one person to use the grooming area. Shop for the most sophisticated range of double-sink bathroom vanities from Ivanees and complete your bathroom?s decor.

These double-sink vanities have a robust structure that will not compromise due to weight. You can count on the strength and durability of the vanity cabinets? structure. Apart from that, you can also find a robust countertop that supports the vanity sink and allows it to rest above the countertop. At last, the double sink vanity contains 2 vanity sinks that are sturdy, at the same time, spacious.

Types of Double Sink Bathroom Vanities You Can Choose for the Bathroom

Freestanding Double Sink Vanities

Freestanding double sink vanities are flexible to install. You can place them in any particular bathroom corner with the installed plumbing lines. The best thing about the freestanding double sink vanity is that they help you save space and time. You are not supposed to spend hours setting the vanity.

Floating Double Sink Vanities

Floating double-sink vanities are installed a few inches above the floor level. These double-sink vanities are elevated. So you end up with a hollow space beneath the floating double sink vanities. These types of double-sink vanities make cleaning easy. You are not supposed to hustle to reach underneath. In fact, the space ensures flexibility while cleaning.

Popular Size Options in Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

60 Inch Double Sink Vanities

The 60-inch double sink vanities are ideal for medium size bathrooms. You will find a wide counter to keep the grooming products. The storage cabinets and drawers will allow you to store your bathroom supplies comfortably.

72 Inch Double Sink Vanities

72-inch double sink vanities are the popular size option for people who have a medium as well as large bathroom areas. These vanities have equal size vanity sinks that not just promote personal hygiene but also help in making the vanity counter look spacious.

84 Inch Double Sink Vanities

84-inch double sink vanities are ideal for enormous-sized bathrooms, or you can understand them as comparatively larger bathroom areas. 84 inch is a perfect double sink vanity size for people who find it difficult to store all their utilities at once. This size double sink bathroom vanities are majorly used in commercial places like hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, etcetera.

Benefits of Double Sink Vanity

  • Wider space for larger bathrooms - A double sink vanity is, of course, wider than a typical single sink one. The counter space is almost doubled. This allows people to use the vanity area while getting dressed comfortably.
  • Double sink means double the comfort - The design of double sink vanities contains 2 vanity sink attachments. This means you will have 2 separate sinks. Simply, it will allow more than one person to get dressed without feeling congested or difficult to adjust.
  • A perfect fit for large bathroom interiors - Since the vanity is ideal for large bathrooms, it is going to be a perfect fit. So, you are no longer required to look for other decor elements to complete the bathroom?s decor. The vanity is apt for that.
  • Increased storage compartments - When opting for a double sink vanity, you must understand that you are opting for increased storage space. The storage compartments allow you to store more utilities at once. So, you are no longer required to purchase a side cabinet to keep your utility organized.

Ivanees deals in durable double-sink bathroom vanities. These vanities will allow you to use the grooming station in the bathroom comfortably. Shop online or visit our Ivanees store in Louisville, Kentucky. Get your bathroom vanity delivered to your desired location. You can also opt for in-store pickup or curbside delivery options.