Collection: Parking Lot Lights - LED Pole Lights

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Collection: Parking Lot Lights - LED Pole Lights

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    About Parking Lot Lights - LED Pole Lights

    LED Pole lights are the epitome of modern LED technology and the most energy-efficient alternative to all the traditional lights. With the high lumen output, they are used for illuminating areas like streets, gardens, parks, and many outdoor spaces. In addition, they have many certifications which ensure the high durability and dependability of the lights. There are a wide variety of LED pole lights, among which LED Parking lot lights are the most popular. Commercial LED pole lights are the priority of the business owners as they save a lot of money on utility bills.


    LED parking lot lights provide adequate lighting and help drivers and pedestrians navigate through an area and keep them away from the accident.

    The LED Pole Lights offered by Ivanees are made of sturdy material that meets industry standard IP ratings.

    What is an LED Parking Lot Light?

    It is a parking lot with light fixtures built up from the technology of the light-emitting diode. It is a technology that allows for significant energy savings and emits lighting of better quality.

    Led Parking Lot Lights Are Known To Be the Unidirectional Area Light For Any Outdoor Spaces.

    We have vibrant ? resistant lights that feature sturdy optics that make them ideal installation for outdoors. It's a unidirectional light that means it spreads Light in a fixed direction. The LED Parking Lot Lights from our collection offer a wide beam angle to cover a larger area. The prolonged area coverage and the exceptional lumen output of our LED pole lights allow us to cut down the number of fixtures required to illuminate the large outdoor spaces.




    Ivanees is a one-stop-shop for all outdoor lighting requirements. The Parking lot light we offer is available in various colors such as Bronze, Gray, Black, Silver, and White and different wattage options, i.e., 35W, 55W, 150W, and 300W.˜ Also, you can choose from various mounting options, depending on your mounting pole.

    The lights we have are highly durable, advanced, and cost-efficient. These LED pole lights are gaining more attention towards sustainable energy. Our LED lights have four types of features that are high in demand for today's parking lot lights.


    • Photocell? The most demanding lights in the market as it works according to the sun's stimuli and automatically gets switched on and off. This function saves a lot of energy and time for the consumer. Some of the LED Parking Lot Lights are without the photocell, so always check the Light's features.
    • Motion Sensors ? If the motion is sensed, the motion sensors sense the usage and switch lights on and off. It's most suitable for areas where there are lots of residents. Once after detecting the motion, it activates the response of Light.
    • Dimmable ? LED Pole Lights are extraordinarily multifunctional and flexible because of this dimmable feature. The parking lot light with dimmable features makes it enable to be dimmed. You can even adjust its brightness as per requirement.
    • Rebate Eligible? The LED parking lot lights offered by LEDMyplace are rebate eligible means these lights are DLC certified. Design Lights Consortium is DLC which means you can get some of the money you have spent on it. These lights are the most affordable and cost-efficient

    Features that need to be considered for purchasing LED Area lights

    • Wattage ? Opt for the right wattage ranging from 15 watts to 300 watts. Selection is totally dependent upon the area you want to cover.
    • CCT ? CCT stands for Colour Changing Temperature that defines the ecstatic color of Light, whether a warm or cool effect ranging from reddish-orange to a cool white or bluish color.
    • CRI ? CRI stands for Colour rendering index. It is the rating system that indicates the lighting level. The higher the rating, the Light will be closer to the natural Light.
    • Heat Dissipation ? The LED fixture's enclosure should help in controlling heat, and it has outstanding heat dissipation.

    ˜Mount Types

    You may require a particular mounting option depending on the type of Light. So here we have sturdy mounting options for you such as yoke-mounting (YM), adjustable-mounting (AM, it is also known as slip fitter), direct-mounting (DM), and universal-mounting.


    • Yoke-Mounting:Yoke mounting is a simple but sturdy mounting solution to mount lighting fixtures to any vertical surface while still allowing a full tilting range of motion.
    • Direct-Mounting: This type of mounting solution can be used to mount a lighting fixture on either a round or a square pole, allowing you to illuminate your property's outdoor areas with ease.
    • Universal Mount: Universal mount, true to its name, is a mounting solution that enables you to install lighting fixtures in any desired location, be it a yoke, adjustable slip fitter, knuckle mounting, or just a bare wall.
    • ˜Adjustable-Mounting:Adjustable Mounting is also called Slim Fitter Mount. These mounting options are used to mount LED lights in a round pole. This type of mounting allows you to adjust the inclination angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees giving you a versatile lighting experience.


    We do have tenon adaptors and bullhorns. These accessories are suitable for square or round-shaped poles made up of wood, metal, or concrete. Ivanees offers various accessories for LED Pole Lights such as Photocell Sensors, Motion Sensors, and ON shorting Caps. Enhance the usability, functionality, and performance of outdoor LED pole lights installation by selecting the right accessory.

    Experience the fantastic features of this LED area Light and improve your area's lighting and save hefty money on your monthly utility bill.