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Collection: Outdoor LED Flood Lights

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    About Outdoor LED Flood Lights

    LED Flood Lights are wide-angle lights that are intended to "flood" a large area with light. These lights, which are now powered by energy-efficient LED technology, come in a variety of shapes and functions. From recessed to wall-mounted lights, parking lot flood lights, and more, there's something for everyone. LED flood lights are high-powered lights that can be used to illuminate vast areas. Flood lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they're used for a variety of purposes. A flood light's most common purpose is to cast a bright beam of light over a large area. LED flood lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs and specifications of the customer.


    Flood lights are extremely useful for anything from lighting vast stadiums and parks to lighting your own lawn. They are mostly used outdoors, but you can see them used indoors to illuminate a garage or warehouse. They're often used for surveillance and, on occasion, for lighting ads like billboards.

    Why LED Flood Lights?


    Cost: Flood lights can be very costly, which is where LED flood lights come in. In comparison to the cost, the amount of light they generate is enormous. LED lamps also have a long life span of 50,000 hours or more. LED flood lights are much less expensive in the long run than conventional lighting because you won't have to replace bulbs as much, and they need very little maintenance.


    Energy-Efficient: The fact that LED flood lights are energy efficient is the best thing about them. They only use around 70-80% of the energy that traditional flood lights do.

    Look: Another reason to use LED flood lights is that they have a clear and elegant appearance that will illuminate an area for whatever purpose you need.


    Ease of use: Even for someone who has never used these lights before, they are very easy to use. They need little maintenance and can be used by anyone with no previous experience.


    Safety: Since no mercury or lead is used in manufacturing these lamps, they are much safer than most lights. In comparison to all types of HID bulbs (metal halide/HPS/etc.), LED luminaries (the scientific term for fixtures or lamps) are often environmentally friendly.

    Applications of Flood Lights!


    Retail Stores: LED flood lights are suitable for use in retail stores. Since the area is wider and consumers need to be able to see goods clearly, the stores can require brighter lighting.


    Warehouses: LED flood lights can also be useful in warehouse lighting. They are useful not only at night but also during the day, as warehouses often have little natural light.


    Storage: LED flood lights may be used to illuminate storage areas that are covered or indoors.


    Photometric studies for large-scale projects: When it comes to evaluating lighting for large commercial projects, a photometric analysis is extremely useful. It will assist in determining the brightness, intensity, and evenness of light distribution within a property.

    How many lumens do I need?


    Use lumens instead of watts

    When selecting a conventional incandescent bulb, the normal method of determining brightness is to look at the wattage. Start thinking about brightness in a different way now that LED lights are much more powerful and generate far more lumens per watt. A 150-watt incandescent bulb, for example, would produce about 2600 lumens. A 150 watt LED UFO high bay light, on the other hand, can generate over 21,000 lumens, which is around 8 times brighter. Watts are used to expected measuring the amount of energy used by a lamp, while lumens are used to measure the amount of light emitted by a lamp. With LED luminaries? high quality, it's time to think about lighting in lumens rather than watts.


    How many lumens are you looking for?

    This can be difficult. Different conditions necessitate different levels of brightness. You can equate the lumens of your current lighting to the LEDs you want to replace them with if you already have any conventional lighting that you want to replace with LED lamps. Choosing your lux (or lumens per square meter) in a new setting will be determined by the lighting ambiance you need. A typical office may have a light level of 300-500 lux, while a family room in a home may have a light level of 50 lux, and a supermarket may have a light level of 1000 lux. Bear in mind that daylight can be up to 100,000 lux, so the math can get complicated. When in doubt, seek advice from a professional.



    When purchasingOutdoor LED flood lights, many people are unsure what kind of lights to purchase and how far apart the lights should be placed. When it comes to spacing, there are many things to consider. The height of the lights, the lumen intensity of the lights, the lighting ambiance you want in the area where these lights are used, and the distance between lights are all factors to consider. Many LED flood light applications need some overlap or cross-over lighting to balance the light and reduce shadows. On an outdoor sports court, for example, you don't want shadows to distract the play. If you're unsure about what kind of spacing to use, seek advice from a professional.

    Why are our LED Flood Lights the best?


    We have one of the largest sets of LED flood lights, and each one has a different lumen count, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Our lamps provide the perfect level of illumination, which are 5000K and 5700K Lumens, ensuring that your outdoor space is still functional. Lamps with higher lumen counts will cut through inclement weather, such as fog, heavy rain, or even snow, to provide unmatched output regardless of the conditions. This makes them ideal for use in businesses or other structures in areas where extreme and regular storms are common or where outdoor work is needed regardless of the weather.


    For added peace of mind, most lamps come with a warranty. Choose from 100-480 volt choices to find the best one for your needs. Most of these LED flood lights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, so you can mount them and forget about them, saving time on repairs and ensuring that you're never left in the dark when you need it most.


    If you're looking for high-quality, high-performance, and high-value outdoor lighting, look no further than our LED floodlights. We have some of the most efficient outdoor lighting solutions on the market today, and we'd be happy to assist you in finding just what you're looking for. We have the answer for you, whether you just need to light up the area in front of your garage or you want to light up an entire warehouse. To learn more about the brands and models we sell, and to determine which are appropriate for your commercial or industrial environment, please contact us.

    How to Pick the Best LED Flood lights for the Outdoors


    Flood lights, also known assecurity flood lights, are strategically positioned to provide high-quality illumination for applications such as overhead highway sign lighting, billboard lighting, building facades, and other similar situations. Because of the many choices available for these light fixtures, finding the right flood light for various applications can be difficult. When determining the outdoor LED Floodlights are right for you, consider the following features.



    When it comes to selecting an energy-efficient light bulb, shopping by lumens is more critical than shopping by watts. Lumens measure the amount of light emitted, while wattage measures the amount of energy needed to light goods. This suggests that the brighter the light source is, the more lumens the product has. Instead of focusing on how much energy a product consumes (watts), consumers should consider how much light it produces (lumens).


    The wattage of a light bulb refers to how much energy it consumes rather than how much light it produces. To produce the same amount of light, energy-efficient bulbs use fewer watts (lumens). As a result, LEDs (which usually have low wattages relative to lumens) not only help minimize electricity consumption but also lower electric bills.


    Color Temperature

    The color appearance of light that comes from a light source is referred to as color temperature. It's a crucial performance trait to consider when assessing bulbs because color temperature affects the atmosphere of the space you're lighting, which can impact purchasing decisions or work performance. A light source's apparent color is measured in Kelvin. The whiter the sun, the higher the Kelvin temperature.

    DLC Approved

    When a fixture is DLC Listed (which stands for Design Light Consortium), it will be eligible for energy rebates from your local utility, which will help you save money. The certified products list is a tool for programmed managers to use when deciding which solid state lighting products to promote as part of their energy efficiency initiatives.

    LED Flood lights are very beneficial!


    OurLED outdoor flood lights all produce bright, glare- and shadow-free light. There's no need to be concerned about light fading when you get farther away from the source because the beams are uniform, with no dim or hot spots. Furthermore, our LED flood lights are expected to last over 50,000 hours without requiring any maintenance. Each LED fixture has also undergone third-party quality testing, implying that it had to pass several checks before being sold on our website. (For more information, see our flood light blog). Even so, we have a 5-year warranty for your added peace of mind.


    Our dependable LED flood lights are particularly useful in operations that operate 24 hours a day, such as warehouses. All must come to a full halt if an outdoor fixture fails and your client has to re-lamp. That's a waste of time and money. You'll never have to think about re-lamping with third-party approved fixtures, on the other hand, at the very least, not for 50,000 hours. Outdoor flood lights also improve protection for both workers and visitors by brightening loading docks and parking lots with crisp, transparent light. Furthermore, with so many trucks coming in and out, brighter light aids protection in monitoring traffic and reading license plates or other forms of identification.


    Employees in office buildings work late. Even in the winter, it is dark by the end of the working day. Staff and contractors will never have to be concerned while walking to their cars thanks to the use ofLED security flood lights to brighten parking areas. Let's not forget about the students in college. At educational establishments, late-night classes and research sessions are commonplace. Students will no longer have to worry about their protection on their way back to their dorms thanks to brilliant, uniform exterior lighting installed in campus walkways, parking lots, and parking decks.


    Consider hospitals. Clear and reliable outdoor light is needed in a location where emergencies occur often so that emergency vehicle drivers can arrive at their destination without having to wonder where to go or turn. In addition, since hospital patients receive a large number of late-night visitors, well-lit parking lots are important for protection.


    If your client wants to shed some light on his or her trees and flowers in a residential setting, flood lights were made for the job. They have a high CRI, or color rendering index, which means they bring out the true colors of whatever is beneath them, enhancing the appearance of everything.


    It's like giving a house a facelift without the high costs of remodeling. Furthermore, the flood fixtures on our website are ideal for wet locations, which means they can withstand rain and sprinkler systems and still work properly. Depending on your needs, we have flood luminaries in 5000K and 5700K, as well as a variety of lumens.



    To replace older, less effective lighting systems, LED flood lights are an obvious option. With the information provided above, you can be sure that you are selecting the appropriate light for your yard, business, parking lot, warehouse, and other areas.