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Collection: Showers

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About Showers

Modify With a Comforting Approach!

Experience the comfort of relaxation with a hint of luxury. Ivanees introduces you to our most qualitative range of bathroom fixtures. Our shower collection is simply a perfect addition that will enhance your bathing experience. Rejuvenate yourself with a calming shower via our exciting range of showers. In addition, you can find numerous options for the shower area that will help uplift the look of your bathroom?s interior.

We offer you a wide range of shower heads, shower sets, hand showers, shower panel systems, shower doors, shower enclosures, shower base trays, etcetera under our shower category.

What Makes Our Showers Ideal?

Our entire shower range ensures an appropriate water flow rate with an extended reach. You will find flexibility in our showers without feeling stuck or uneasy. Bathing becomes easy with our multi-functional shower combos.

From a basic shower head to a versatile shower panel system, you can find every possible shower type on our website. We have a fantastic range that comes in several colors, styles, and design options. Bronze, tan, silver, brushed nickel, polished nickel, chrome, matte black, and brass are some popular finish options that you can find in our shower range.

Furthermore, wear and tear will not damage the shower?s material and rigid structure. The shower panel systems contain robust bodies that will not compromise over time. Bamboo, stainless steel, and tempered glass are some materials used in multi-featured shower panel systems.

Not just that, but the installations are pretty manageable too. You can easily fix and install our shower range with our easy DIY feature. So, it doesn?t matter if you want to hire a professional or not, you can easily pull it through with your DIY skills.

Understand shower types!

Shower Head

Enjoy a rainfall ower experience with the shower head. It has an extended reach plus its adjustable head setting allows you to divert the water?s flow in any direction. In addition, the fixture is rust-proof and will not get stained due to watermarks.

Hand Shower

Get flexibility at your fingertips with this mobile fixture. The mobile structure of a hand shower allows you access from quite some distance. You can also use this fixture for bathing your pet or cleaning the shower area.

Shower Set

In case you are looking for a coordinated look between your hand and head shower, you can opt for the shower set option. The combo has a matching shower head and a handheld shower with a combined diverter hose.

Sower Panel Systems

The shower panel system is a multi-functional bathroom fixture that enhances the bathroom?s look by increasing comfort in the shower area. This fixture is basically an all-in-one combination that prioritizes relaxation by simultaneously serving basic needs. It generally includes a head shower, a handheld shower, and multiple massage body jets. In addition, some of them have a tub spout, an LED temperature display, and an in-built shelf.

Showers in the Best Quality Materials

To promote longevity and save the fixture from breaking or denting, Ivanees has fixtures in the best quality materials. These materials ensure strength and make them easy to clean and rust-resistant.

Our shower collection fixtures are available in robust materials like stainless steel, ceramic, glass, metal, brass, acrylic, plastic, bamboo wood, zinc, etcetera.

What more do you get under the shower category?

Shower Base Tray

Use a shower base tray for your shower floor to ensure a non-slippery shower area. This is a helpful fixture that reduces the chances of bathroom injuries. Plus, they have an excellent weight tolerance and are ideal for a better foot grip.

Shower and Bathtub Doors

Avoid messy bathroom floors with water splashing all over. Instead, opt for shower and bathtub doors that will complete your shower area. The doors promote a fine seal that only locks water within the shower zone so that you can always find a dry floor when you walk out from the shower.

Shower and Bathtub Wall Surrounds

Offer longevity to the shower walls with an artificial wall layer that works as a shield. In addition, the shower and bathtub wall surrounds will not let the walls get ruined due to excessive amounts of moisture. These walls are made up of SPC, and some even contain built-in shelves.

Shower Seat

Bring comfort to your shower area via the wall-mounted shower seats. The seats are extremely durable and can withstand weight and moisture for the longest.


Get access to your soap and shampoo bottles with a shelve attachment. Place this fixture beside showers to avoid the chaos of finding stuff when needed. Available in glass and stainless steel materials, these shelves are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they have sufficient space to store your stuff.

Start your bathroom remodeling with Ivanees today!

Ivanees offers you huge savings and deals in the shower category. So, if you plan to remodel your bathrooms or just want to add some slight changes, you can consider visiting our website. You can also go to our store and find a wide range of shower fixtures at affordable prices.