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Collection: Ceiling Lights

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    About Ceiling Lights

    The Right kind of lamps at home makes your lighting requirements much more laser-focused. You can get quite an idea of the type of light you require at your home here on this page.

    Importance of Ceiling lights at the office:

    For bringing positivity and achieving a highly energetic working environment, the illumination within a workplace is matters a lot. A Right Lighting has psychological impacts on a person. A perfect lighting balance at an official setting increases productivity and prevents frequent mood swings. Using layering or recessed lighting at your office helps you to achieve your workplace goals (both illumination as well as productivity)

    Most Popular types of LED Ceiling Lamps

    Directional Lighting:

    This category consists of the track lighting fixture that suggests a lighting pattern in a room or other area of a home. In modern decor, these lights are very relevant. You can easily find them in a kitchen area, offices or living space as unidirectional patterns of spotlights, floor tracks, and even pendants.


    Often confused as chandeliers the decorations are one of the most used types of lights used for ceilings in various places in a home. From dining room to living rooms and even bathrooms, pendants found their deserving role everywhere. Due to the variety of designs and color variations, these light fixtures are loved almost by every homeowner.

    Flush mounts:

    Also known as low profile lighting and close-to-ceiling lights the flush mount is an obvious choice for rooms with little clearance. They are a suitable choice where the height of the room is below the conventional 8 feet. Flush mounts, low profile chandeliers, and semi-flush mounts are the three most common low height suspensions.


    These are the popular lighting fixture of every interior decorator and home stylist due to the aura they bring into an enclosed entity. Modern Chandeliers come in different designs, shades, patterns, and bulb options. These factors are a deciding factor in the size of these decorative enhancements.

    Why do I need Ceiling Lights at my home?

    At Ivanees, we have various choices for your modern home illumination needs. Ceiling lamps are one of the most potent light fixtures within a given setting. With them, even a more prominent room can be easily filled with just one or two fixtures. Ceiling lamps are not only apt for only illumination purposes but also help you to achieve the desired style statement.

    Every type falling under this category brings a true form of elegant lighting at your place. They help you to detail your costly architecture work and designs at your home.