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Collection: Kitchen

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    About Kitchen

    The kitchen is undeniably the busiest part of a home that is active throughout the day. From morning's first coffee and cleaning utensils post-lunch to using dishwasher after dinner lets the place operational 24x7. Ensure a smooth operation for such a busy place is very important. From elegant lighting to sturdy kitchen faucets, a modern kitchen should have all those important items that make life easy. We atÿIvanees got you covered with our designer and small kitchen ideas for your home.

    Why is Upgrading your Kitchen essential?

    There can be ample of reasons one should wish to upgrade or even renovate your kitchen

    Efficiencyÿis the key to save time and energy, and kitchens are an unarguably time-consuming place. So this place needs to be efficient, and for similar reasons, a timely upgrade is advised. Technology is changing the food preparation and cooking methods. Like our cell phones, kitchens are getting smarter with every passing day, which makes the cooking time saving, safer, and fun thing to do. The utensils are purposefully being made lighter to provide flexibility and ease to cook. So, a periodic small investment is advisable to make your life more efficient.

    Deteriorationÿcan be a strong reason where you would be thinking on the lines of replacing appliances, equipment, or a complete makeover. Broken fixtures, malfunctioned utensils and wrecked counters and tiles are the three things that should be at the top of your priority list. Fix them immediately as it poses a high risk to your family members.

    Value addiÿis another vital front based on which you can consider a much-needed upgrade. The kitchen is no more just an area to cook the food. In case, if you have an eye for design and architectural elements, then you can easily relate. If you are someone who wishes to sell your house, then an old-style kitchen is not an appealing thing for a prospective buyer.

    Start with a Layout

    Planning is an inevitable part of places like the cooking area, living room, and bathrooms in a home. Especially for kitchens, the all-important pieces must be arranged in tune with their requirements and importance. A decision-maker needs to give due attention to the layout in the beginning as remodeling costs for the kitchen are high enough to ignore this aspect.

    Theÿfour essential parts of planningÿcan be measurements, storage, space allocation, and deciding the KitchenAid attachments. Spend decent time for making an excellent floor plan which includes storage areas, upper and lower cabinets, places for space-intensive kitchen appliances, etc. Proper ventilation throughout the area makes it a more workable place.

    Why Is Proper Installation necessary for a true food kitchen?

    Irrespective of the design and layout some of the integrals are pretty common for every cooking area type to be it a small kitchen or a designer one with a big area. A planned installation must include installation of Kitchen cabinets, faucets, kitchen sink, and other necessary aids in the first place. During installation, make sure the hardware being installed can be opened and cleaned easily. Apart from this, it should also be given due consideration that one component should not hinder the operation of others.

    How to choose the best lighting for my kitchen?

    The cooking area is one such place that is continuously operational throughout the day, so the lighting arrangement must be in place. The area should be well lit the especially the zones which require chopping and cleaning operations frequently. Lack of proper light can cause injuries. Kitchen Island, cooking, cabinets, and cleaning are some of such vital areas.

    You are supposed to take care of the electricity bills as well so choose LED lighting to optimize consumption. Mini pendant lights can be an excellent choice in this case which offers an ample amount of illumination with good energy savings.

    How to Choose Kitchen Appliances for your home?

    Once you are settled with the planning and layout part, it's time to work for the second most important thing that defines the place the appliances. Start with the essential ones like refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and hood. From there, you have all the liberty for up-gradations for your modern kitchen as per your liking and budget. Apart from that, there are some additional precautions that you definitely should take into consideration-
    • Ensure all the components are from the same brand and the same design. In case you are remodeling the cooking area then make sure the replacements are coherent to the existing design.
    • Go for High Energy Star-rated appliances (like fryers and icemakers) to save the electricity bills and cut the carbon footprints.
    • Choose colors and designs carefully to utilize the kitchen lightings efficiently.
    • While deciding a kitchen collection for your home, first understand your requirements and available space only then pick a stylish selection.
    • If budget is not a constraint, then go for Smart appliances as it will help you to save bills and allow you to be a multi-tasker.
    • If you have children at home, then strictly avoid using those materials, which quickly catches fire.
    • Installing a high-quality and sensitive smoke sensor is highly advised in the kitchen area.

    How much kitchen storage do I need?

    Well, it entirely depends on the size of your family and needs. Keep your items neat and well-arranged with optimum use of cabinet organizers, pantry storage, and, dividers. Additionally, utilizing the available space within the area can be a brilliant decision for you. It allows you to store the same amount of items without cutting the space in the area.

    Planning your storage as per the frequency of the usage of the item is highly recommended. Under cabinets are ideal for bulky items used regularly while top-shelf cabinets can be a perfect choice for the items that you use rarely.

    Which material is suitable for modern Outdoor Kitchens?

    You must be having exciting plans for your next outdoor party on the weekend with your lip-smacking recipes and entertainment plans. The material should be sturdy and solid enough to withstand extended operations and should be fire-resistant. Stainless steel, laminated woods, and stone made integrals are some preferable options amongst others. Additionally, choose the material which can be easily cleaned. Avoid light colors as it gets dirty quickly.

    In case you are worried about the outdoor kitchen requirements, thenÿIvanees is here to fix your needs. Your primary focus should be on a smooth transition with all the needful for your parties like pans, dishes, and grillers. Now a pro tip- keep the fire fighting tools handy as winds let the items quickly catch fire. Also, make sound arrangements to keep the children away from the harmful kitchen aids.

    What else should I need for a happening outdoor house party?

    Now, as your appliances and aids are in place, you can focus on sorting other needs. You need energy-efficient LED lights, some fresh music and a comfortable setting where people can enjoy the food in a lively environment. In case you have already not figured out sitting arrangement then you can check plenty of furniture options available at