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Collection: Shower Systems

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About Shower Systems

Investing in aBathroom Showerhead may seem like a divertissement. Even so, a good showerhead, with gushing steady spray of heated water, will significantly improve your daily routine. Think of it as an endowment to your elite lifestyle. Install safe and sanitary plumbing systems that are cUPC & UPC Approved.

While describing showerheads, we cannot be biased with any designs or shower choice. As a chocolate flavored ice-cream or vanilla is nothing but a personal preference. It is entirely your choice to prefer small nozzles for a more pointed, powerful stream or have a rain shower nozzle to provide voluminous, rain-like experience.

For a better rain-like shower experience, showerheads are being engineered using Airstream Technology. The advanced showerhead technology helps to draw in air, mixed with every droplet of water emerging from the showerhead. The airstream mechanism increases the water volume that helps to mimic the refreshing and invigorating feeling of being in an actual rain shower.

It is most likely that a rain shower head would be installed with a hand-held version, so you can enjoy a more direct blast of water instead of standing under the rain showerhead, which is all-encompassing.

Ivanees Shower Head Collections:

You can choose from the array of showerhead options available on our website. TheOil-Rubbed Bronze Showerhead is visually appealing, especially when you have stainless hardware in other rooms. If you have a brushed nickel door handle, adding an Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet makes a significant impact.

In another scenario, if you are aiming to create a spa-like feel in your master bathroom, combine the benefits of a luxury custom shower and the natural wood grain's visuals with a Wooden Shower Panel. AWooden Shower panelis not a conventional showerhead choice; however, it sets a bold statement for your bathroom decor.

For an exfoliating shower, experiences opt for Multi-functional three spray shower systems or Paradise Sleek shower Systems, or pocket-friendly shower options chooseBathroom Shower Spa Panels. You will also find ADA approvedGrip Shower Systems to accommodate the elderly and the physically impaired.

Additional Tip:

With the increased water flow and the added option of both aRainshower system and aPowerful wand hand shower, you will have to consider the increased water flow consumption.

Rain showers produce more water flow and need efficient drainage to drain the water without causing water logging effectively. You can get linear drains; they offer adequate functional benefits, adding a superior level of elegance to your bathroom.