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Collection: Bathroom Sinks

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About Bathroom Sinks

Customize the Bathroom With a Suitable Bathroom Sink

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating the bathroom with a suitable fixture. The bathroom sink is one of the major fixtures required complete the bathroom?s look. Depending on what style you are willing to give your bathroom, you can opt for a different style, color, shape, size, or design.

It?s time to upgrade your bathrooms with the most fabulous range of sinks that will suit all types of bathrooms. It doesn?t matter if you own a small or comparatively large bathroom, a sink is quite a necessary fixture that is required to serve its purpose of fulfilling your everyday demand.

Furthermore, upgrading your bathrooms with the right sinks is necessary, especially if you are looking for a stylish yet equally durable option. These sinks are made of premium quality materials crafted to endure wear and tear. As a result, they will not break, crack, or chip for the longest period of time.


At Ivanees, you can find numerous options that will look fantastic in your bathroom and help create a unique look. A vessel sink, square bathroom sink, undermount bathroom sink, round bathroom sink, rectangular bathroom sink, oval bathroom sink, etcetera are some popular style options we offer you.

It is up to you whether you want to give your bathroom a simple look or if you want to experiment with colors because we have bathroom sinks in numerous color and design options.

What materials do we offer in our bathroom sink?

  • Ceramic - Ceramic is one of the most preferred materials for basins. It has numerous benefits, which makes it a durable option to consider as it promotes durability and longevity.
  • Glass - The best thing about glass material basins is that they are available in a wide range of design and color options. Plus, they look quite unique as a vessel sink design which makes them stand out more prominently than other ordinary designs.
  • Marble - The rigid structure and natural looks of marble sinks make them a classic choice for bathrooms. They have a classic look that will look amazing as a rectangular bathroom sink or as a square bathroom sink option.
  • Natural stone - This is one of the most desired materials that promote strength and beauty with its natural looks. It has a rough design that looks quite unique in the bathroom.
  • Acrylic - Acrylic sinks are an affordable option that is available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some common shapes and sizes are square bathroom sink, round bathroom sink, rectangular bathroom sink, oval bathroom sink, 12 inch bathroom sink, 16 inch bathroom sink, 18 inch bathroom sink, etcetera.

Get the best features when buying a bathroom sink from Ivanees!

For a long-lasting bathroom sink, it is important that you make sure that your sink has some essential features. Ivanees does quality checking before you buy sinks from us. Some features that we make sure of are:

  • Stain-resistant - Staining the sinks is quite common, but if the stains do not come off, then it permanently damages them. So, make sure that the bathroom sink that you are going for is resistant to stains so that you can easily clean them.
  • Excellent moisture absorption rate - It is obvious that sinks should be moisture-proof as they supposedly go in bathrooms. However, some sink materials have a low moisture absorption rate that results in a lower lifespan.
  • Strong material - Bathroom sinks made up of strong material will offer strength and durability as they will not compromise their structure over wear and tear. We have sinks that are resistant to breaking or chipping and will last longer.
  • Scratch-proof - Your sink will look flawless for the longest as we provide sink bodies that are scratch resistant. So that one won?t damage the surface accidentally.

Visit today and find bathroom sinks in all shapes and sizes.

Give Ivanees a shot if your bathroom remodeling is missing that one necessary fixture. We have a bathroom sink option that will suit both residential and commercial bathrooms in almost every shape. Use these sinks in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resorts, spas, etcetera.

If you have a family of a few members, you can opt for a small size like a 12 inch bathroom sink, and for medium or large families, 16 inch bathroom sink or 18 inch bathroom sink will be appropriate.

We will be happy to help you find the most desirable fixture for your bathroom. So, don?t wait up. Scroll on our website or visit our store today. Find amazing deals and discounts on bathroom sinks and get them delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner.