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Collection: Lux Flooring

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About Lux Flooring

LUX flooring for every residential and commercial space!

Get your home renovation done with the exclusive LUX Flooring collection. Ivanees introduces natural yet cozy-looking plank flooring for all your residential and commercial flooring needs. Whether you are looking for a suitable flooring option for the living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, bathroom, hospital, classroom, retail store, or any other living or workspace, you will always find an option.

If you are someone who likes traditional wood flooring because of the way it looks, then UX flooring is the right choice for your interiors. The flooring has a chic appearance that looks as phenomenal as any solid wood flooring will loo. However, they are more effective when it comes to longevity and long-lasting charm.

Unbeatable durability with SPC rigid core flooring construction

We have SPC rigid core flooring that contains an exquisitely sturdy composition. The materials provide strength and durability to the flooring, and they will last for the longest possible time. The composition of materials ensures that the flooring will not break any sooner. Also, if you will move hefty furniture around the room, the flooring will effortlessly endure the traffic and stay firm. Simultaneously, the SPC rigid core flooring is ideal for locations that are prone to moisture and humidity.

The vinyl plank flooring will not swell or form mold if the moisture levels are high. In addition, you can find numerous color options depending on the location you want the plank flooring. From intensely dark wood textures to mild oak wood patterns, you will find them all here at Ivanees.

Features that make Lux Flooring worth considering:

Natural Looks

LUX flooring resembles natural wood flooring looks. This allows you to create a natural and conventional look for your decor inspired by the vintage indoors. Plus, the flexibility of color options allows you to explore. The natural wood patterns of these vinyl plank flooring are neither bland nor too dominating. They are ideal for every indoors.

Easy to Clean

The LUX flooring is easy to clean. You can eliminate spots and stains in a time-efficient manner. Also, you are no longer required to spend way too much time cleaning them as no expensive cleaner is required. As a matter of fact, a damp cloth will be sufficient to make them look good as new.

Moisture-Resistant Flooring

This is a Vinyl Plank Flooring collection that is considered excellent for locations that have excess moisture levels. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room, dining area, etcetera.

Ideal for High-Traffic Sites

The construction of this SPC rigid core flooring is pretty strong. It includes a composition of premium-quality materials that can retain pressure and avoid breaks or cracks. So, consider using this vinyl plank flooring in sites where the traffic rate is usually higher such as living rooms, hallways, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, etcetera.

A Commercially Suitable Flooring

Do not doubt the suitability of LUX flooring. It is a commercially suitable vinyl plank flooring that one can opt for both residential and commercial sites. If you have any doubt regarding the strength of these planks, just check for their thickness before opting for them for commercial locations.

LUX flooring has an exceptional warranty!

LUX flooring is ideal for the long run. It covers any manufacturing defects. In addition, the flooring offers a limited lifetime warranty and 15 years of commercial warranty against manufacturing defects. For instance, if your SPC rigid core flooring swells in the basement or any other high moisture content site, you can look for its warranty.

Ivanees offers you an affordable range of vinyl plank flooring with exceptional durability and other beneficial features. Once you are done with the installation, you will witness how charming your decor looks with our flooring range.