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Collection: Vinyl Flooring

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About Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular wood-look alternative to natural hardwood planks. Built from man-made materials, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are durable, affordable, and water-resistant. Luxury engineered planks with WPC or SPC cores are even waterproof.

LVP floors are no longer the flimsy, cheap option you might remember from years and years ago. These days, people love vinyl planks for their versatility, quality construction, and ease of installation

What is vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl planks, sometimes known as luxury vinyl planks (LVP), are the most popular form of vinyl flooring. This wood-look flooring option is an affordable alternative to real hardwood flooring, with convincing textures and a variety of colors. In addition, luxury vinyl is water-resistant, and if it has a WPC or SPC core, it?s totally waterproof flooring. Depending on the type, vinyl planks are installed as click-lock floating floors, glue-down, or peel-and-stick flooring.

How do I install vinyl plank floors?

Luxury vinyl planks are installed as floating floors using a tongue-and-groove design to easily snap planks together. Peel-and-stick planks can be installed as easily as removing the cover paper to reveal the adhesive, then place the plank in the desired place. Both options are easy to DIY and save you money on installation costs.

Are luxury vinyl planks better than laminate?

Vinyl planks are more water-resistant than laminate and are therefore a better choice for a kitchen or basement floor. Though it looks similar to laminate, vinyl is built differently to be water-resistant and even waterproof, with WPC/SPC cores. Laminate, however, is less expensive than luxury vinyl. Both floors come in several looks and colors, are easy to clean, and are highly durable.

How do I cut vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring can be quickly and easily cut using the score and snap method. First, using a utility knife and a straight edge, score the surface of the plank where you want to cut it. Once you?ve made a deep enough score, use your knee as a leverage point to bend the plank at the score until it snaps. Now you have a clean-cut vinyl plank without the hassle of a tile cutter or a circular saw.

How is luxury vinyl plank flooring beneficial for your locations?

Easy to install - Free from the chaotic installation process, vinyl plank flooring is pretty easy to install. You can take it as a one-day DIY project and give your location an exquisite new look.

A compatible option- Luxury vinyl plank flooring is supposedly a beneficial option as they are compatible with both commercial and residential locations. So, if you wish to place them in your home, office, hotels, resorts, restaurants, etcetera, just go for it.

Waterproof- The best thing about opting for luxury vinyl plank flooring is that they are water-resistant. Unlike typical wooden flooring, the planks won?t swell or damage. Thus, it is indeed a beneficial option for your flooring.

Replicates authentic wooden flooring textures - If you are fascinated with introducing an original wood-like flooring look in your location, then this vinyl plank flooring will be a scenic choice as their textures replicate authentic wooden flooring textures.

Scratch-resistant - Worrying about damaging and maintaining the vinyl flooring is not an issue as they are scratch-resistant, which is excellent from a longevity standpoint. Thus, regular wear and tear will not damage the flooring. So, it is suitable for locations with high traffic.

Can vinyl plank flooring be installed over concrete or tile?

Engineered luxury vinyl planks like WPC and SPC can be installed as floating flooring over hard, level surfaces such as concrete or ceramic tile. Ensure that you?re purchasing vinyl planks with attached underlayments to even out any imperfections and soften your step.

Is luxury vinyl tile a better replacement option for traditional floor tile?

Appealing- Appearance is something that we look for when it comes to renovating our location. What we desire and what we get as an outcome can influence our decision of whether we want to reconsider it in the future. There are numerous options in luxury vinyl tile in colors, textures, and quality.

Time-efficient - Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a time-efficient process compared to traditional floor tile. By evicting the hectic installation process, LVT offers a timely installation. Moreover, it does not specifically require additional help, and you can do it on your own. Adding to that, if we talk about speed, installing LVT flooring does not take more than 8 hours. Therefore, depending on the area of placement, you can find the ease of a timely installation with vinyl tile.

Evicts moisture - Unlike cheap floor tiles, LVT flooring evicts moisture from affecting it. The glued luxury vinyl tile does not lose us when coming into contact with water as it is sealed properly. Simultaneously, proper installation ensures that water does not gather between the gaps and forms mold later. Thus, vinyl plank flooring is a great decision that helps in evicting moisture from ruining the flooring.

Easy to maintain - With an easy-to-maintain benefit, luxury vinyl tile can last longer. In addition, they are scratch-resistant, which eliminates the chances of ruining via wear & tear. So, feel free to place them in locations with high traffic. Also, a stain-resistant finish does not let stains & spots ruin the tile's look. So, cleaning blotches is not a chaotic task to ask for. Adding to that, the composition of LVT includes durable material that offers rigidity to your floor against breaking or chipping.