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Collection: Smart Bathroom

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    About Smart Bathroom

    Nothing unusual for the bathrooms!

    Upgrade our bathroom with a smart addition. There is nothing usual in the smart bathroom because the features and comfort uplift the efficiency of the bathroom. The extraordinary features bring comfort to the bathing area.

    About smart bathroom:

    The smart bathroom is nothing but an upgraded element for the bathrooms that promotes modern technology. They are simply ideal due to their beneficial features. Plus, they serve the everyday purpose with a hint of efficiency. Simply, switching to a smart bathroom is indeed a smart investment, as the advantages of this modern technology will benefit you for years.

    While renovating the bathrooms, switch to fixtures that ease your life. For example, a sensor bathroom faucet, LED lighted vanity mirror, jet shower panels, and smart toilet evidently works as a smart investment.

    Smart toilet for smart bathroom

    A smart toilet is one of the major smart bathroom fixtures that are highly beneficial. Its seat is more comfortable and ideal for both men and women. Plus, the best smart toilet can reduce water consumption at an impressive rate. Therefore, this fully-packed fixture is nothing but a suitable addition for modern homes.

    How does a smart toilet work?

    A smart toilet has in-built sensors that automatically work. The toilet contains various features that promote functionality and comfort. It generally includes a bidet toilet seat, self-cleaning, self-flushing, drying, automatic lid, adjustable jet spray, warm seat, no overflow, etcetera. The features are remote-control enabled. You are supposed to press the button of the feature that you want to automate.

    How switching to an intelligent toilet is excellent?

    Promotes personal hygiene

    Switching to an intelligent toilet is an excellent choice because they promote personal hygiene. They have a bidet toilet seat, and they automate a self-cleaning feature. These features can help in preventing infections from affecting your intimate parts.

    Completely automated

    One of the main benefits of smart toilets is that they are completely automatic. You do not need to be bothered by some irking tasks. For instance, if the closed toilet lid bothers you after someone uses the toilet, then switching to an intelligent toilet can help. Its self-functioning and fully automated feature rise or lower toilet seat itself. So, you do not need to be bothered by the toilet seat issues.

    Reduces water wastage

    An intelligent toilet help reduce water wastage via its self-flush feature. Since the toilets are smart, they evaluate how much water is sufficient for the flush. The difference can be easily witnessed because self-flush uses the right amount of water that one can normally compare with manually working toilet flushes.

    Ivanees can help you buy the best smart toilet for your smart bathroom. We have toilets with completely automated features that are available at affordable prices and numerous benefits.