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Collection: Porcelain Tile

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About Porcelain Tile

What is porcelain tile?

Porcelain tile is a classic and rigid material that produces safe and high-quality design tiles, making it the most practical and reliable option. It's made of finely ground clay that's heated at a high temperature to make it tough, non-porous, and complicated. For locations that are exposed to a lot of liquid, such as the kitchen backsplash, shower, or bathroom floor, porcelain is the finest choice. This won't absorb moisture, making cleaning a breeze and saving you time. On the other hand, Porcelain tile is versatile and may be used in a variety of settings. Porcelain tile gives the space a contemporary feel with its metallic rinse finish, natural stone pattern, wood look, and other treatments. You can acquire the perfect porcelain tile finish based on your requirements.

Choosing porcelain tiles on the basis of:


Size plays a vital role in influencing the consumer?s choice for picking porcelain tiles as the place where these floor tiles or wall tiles are supposed to be placed needs some sort of specifically sized tiles. For instance, take the living room?s floor. If you wish to place porcelain tile on the floor, then you must pick a wider tile that can cover the area. Simultaneously, if you prefer placing porcelain wall tiles, then the size that you need to choose should be comparatively smaller than the floor ones.


For an endearing and long-lasting look, the finish is significantly important. Porcelain tiles come in finishes like matte, glazed, polished, glossy, etcetera. Each of these finishes possesses a unique sense of appeal that can vary on the location where you are going to place them. If you are opting for porcelain bathroom tiles, then you might want to pick a gloss or glazed finish porcelain tile as they offer a smooth surface. Similarly, if you are looking for placing tiles on outdoor walls, then you can indeed opt for matte finish wall tiles.

Area of placement

Whether you pick them to place in outdoor or indoor locations, porcelain tiles will be an apt decision. The rigidity of porcelain material offers durability and longevity. Moreover, they come in a wide range of color and design options that go best with every location.


Being an extremely likable alternative for the walls, people nowadays are preferring to place tiles on their walls rather than applying paint. Porcelain wall tiles are a great option to opt for placing in almost every location. You can prefer a basic plain shade for a mild feel in cozy locations like bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, etcetera. Simultaneously, if you are supposed to highlight a display wall to make it the center of attraction, porcelain tile has got it covered for you.


People prefer something for their flooring that is rigid and can bear the weight of heavy furniture. With porcelain floor tiles, you can find the comfort of a reliable material that can endure the heavy-loaded work and placements. Moreover, porcelain floor tile offers you the comfort of durability as they do not break. With their appropriate thickness, they tend to last longer without even compromising the quality.


Porcelain tile appears to look exquisitely pleasing in the kitchen as the elaborate textures, and highlighting designs offer a scenic appearance to the location. The placement of porcelain kitchen tiles can help in creating a complementing atmosphere. If you prefer porcelain floor tiles in the kitchen, they can offer you comfort in ways like non-slippery surface, water-resistant, suitable for display, etcetera. Kitchen tiles should be efficient whether they are used as all tiles or floor tiles.


Most people get confused when they search for bathroom tiles. With being a location that gets constantly in contact with water, consumers prefer an apt option that will not compromise with the consequences. In fact, to avoid any bathroom injuries, porcelain tiles are an ideal pick. They provide an anti-slippery floor that won?t let you fall. Simultaneously, wet locations can create a sticky layer on the tiles. But, by opting for porcelain tile, you get an easy cleaning comfort to spare you from all the hectic cleaning measures.

Merits of using porcelain tile:

Easy Maintenance

Most prominent features of porcelain tile are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and break-resistant finish that offers consumers the comfort of easy maintenance. Simultaneously, they don?t get tampered with and surely do not require expensive cleaners to make them look good as new. With an easy cleaning option, you just need a damp cloth to wipe the dirt and make these tiles look enchanting.


The focal point of every renovation project is to make it long-lasting. If the materials won?t last long then it is a total waste of time and money. Porcelain tile offers you durability in terms of being a long-lasting option. It does not chip or break via normal wear and tears. In fact, they come in a sufficient thickness, which ensures the longevity of the material, so you don?t have to spend every other year renovating the whole site again.

Ideal for places with high traffic

One of the primary concerts of consumers arises when they think of placing tiles on major locations like living areas, offices, etcetera, as they are concerned about damaging them. With porcelain tile, the concern of breaking can be relived. Whether you opt for porcelain tiles in residential or commercial locations, their rigid material and weight resistance make them ideal for high-traffic sites.

Numerous color and design options

Porcelain tile's versatility is that it possesses a complimenting nature. Porcelain tile is an ideal material to blend in perfectly with any textures and designs. In addition, a porcelain tile is a perfect option made with the right kind of materials. They are available in several shapes and designs that will aptly suit any color combination. From a marble-inspired texture to an authentic wooden floor replica, a porcelain tile can vary in several different options to charm our site.

Moving forward, people tend to have several queries in their minds before opting for porcelain tile. The queries might be related to the durability of the product, budget, consequences, and so on. What are some frequently asked questions about porcelain tiles?

Frequently Asked Questions about Porcelain Tiles

Is it better to have porcelain or ceramic tile?

Yes! Porcelain tiles tend to last longer than ceramic tiles. In terms of being durable, denser, moisture-resistant, porcelain tile is an excellent choice that is somewhere better than ceramic tile. Although the composition of both porcelain and ceramic is almost similar, still, some components of porcelain material make them better than ceramic. Moving forward, the strength and durability of a porcelain tile are as efficient as marble.

Is porcelain tile expensive?

Being economical in the tile category, both porcelain and ceramic tiles come in an affordable range. But, as compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tile might be slightly expensive. However, if you wish to purchase a versatile yet efficient option, then purchasing a porcelain tile is the right decision. After all, if the slightest shift in the budget can help you land in to get something long-lasting, then you should go for it.

Is porcelain tile hard to maintain?

Not at all. Porcelain tile is pretty easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, porcelain tile absorbs less moisture as it does not contain too many air pockets, which lasts longer in wet locations. So, if you wish to place kitchen and bathroom tiles, then porcelain will be a great option that is not hard to maintain. Simultaneously, the ease of the cleaning process helps you with the whole time-consuming and expensive cleaner?s purchase part. Therefore, opting for porcelain tile can be an intelligent choice because of its efficient features.

Does porcelain tile chip easily?

Comes in a sufficient thickness, porcelain tile offers you the comfort of a break-resistant finish. They tend to last longer in high-traffic locations. Porcelain is a prominent material used in outdoor locations due to its eligibility to stay firm. Therefore, it is difficult to tamper with porcelain tiles as they don?t tend to chip or break. However, if you deliberately drop a heavy object on the tile, it will undoubtedly break.

Ivanees has got the solution!

Here at Ivanees, you can find a wide range of porcelain tiles for every location possible. Available in spontaneous colors, enchanting patterns, wooden and marble-inspired textures, efficient features, etcetera, our collection of porcelain tiles will be apt for placing on both floors and walls. In terms of longevity, we offer you the best quality that is break-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. Adding to that, we have a solution for you in every budget. From economical to an elite option, we are pleased to offer you the best.