Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - Bathroom Mirror With Lights

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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - Bathroom Mirror With Lights

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About LED Vanity Mirrors - Bathroom Mirror With Lights

LED mirrors orLED bathroom mirrors are a combination of both built-in mirrors and LED lights. These mirrors have an elegant and lovely appearance that makes them perfect for modern and contemporary interior designs.LED light mirrors are 21st-century mirrors and the best way to renovate your bathroom or bedroom.

A mirror never lies. This line from very popular folklore is true to its essence, but what if there is no proper lighting in your bathroom?

A well-lit bathroom mirror is essential as you use it for applying makeup, shaving, and many other things that require adequate lighting. LED lighted vanity mirrors are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. There are a lot of features that you should consider before buying a vanity mirror. Some of these features are listed below:

  • Electronic Defogger System
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Changeable Color Temperature
  • CRI - Color Rendering Index
  • Life Hours

Additionally, it would help if you ask the following questions to yourself while browsing for bathroom mirrors:

What is the benefit of having a lighted makeup mirror?

People spend a lot of money on buying cosmetics and makeups, but even the best products available in the market will look bad if they lack proper lighting during application. Your expensive makeup applied with great makeup artistry will look completely different once you step out. The solution for this is a makeup mirror with LED lights that has an illuminated border that sheds light on your face.

Types of LED bathroom Mirror

It is very important to know the types ofbathroom mirrors with lights to choose the best for your indoor space. So let?s discuss some of the most common types of LED mirrors.

  1. Wall Mirror

Wall Mirrors are one of the most common types of LED mirrors available in the market. As the name suggests, they are directly mounted on the wall. There are a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles under this category, making them the first choice of buyers.

  1. Cabinet Mirror

Vanity mirrors with lights are one of the most useful and spacious LED mirrors. This is a perfect choice for the small bathroom areas as they give enough space to store the things like medicines, body wash, shampoos, and many more. These mirrors can be permanently installed on the wall or can be freestanding on the legs

  1. Lighted Mirror

The most attractive feature ofLED light mirrors is the illumination it creates along with the reflection. Even if your bathroom doesn?t have proper lighting, LED vanity mirrors will brighten up space properly. They are apt to pay the finest detail in your makeup and dresses

  1. Smart Mirror

Being a lighted mirror is not only a special feature; they are designed with the best technological features. These mirrors are incorporated with a defogger which helps to remove the fog that gets collected on the mirror after a hot shower. Some of the LED mirrors even come with Bluetooth and speaker connections.

Is LED better than fluorescent for makeup?

Fluorescent light can make you put more makeup than it is needed, and the pink-tinted lights can make you miss spots while putting on the makeup. You will look different outside from how you looked like in your makeup studio, aka bathroom. Fluorescent white light is overly bright, and no one looks good in it. You might end up adding too much makeup and foundation just to overcome the lack of color on your face.

LED light, on the other hand, is the best light source available, second only to the natural sunlight, which provides the most accurate reflection of the face. An LED strip evenly distributes light across the entire face, and the warm white light closely resembles the color spectrum of the natural light.

Are backlit vanity mirrors good for makeup?

Backlit mirrors use LED light tubes fixed behind the mirror, outlining its border which emits warm white glow giving off a relaxing ambiance. The subtle lights from the LED lighted mirror outlines give it a layer of depth while people can use it for makeup, hairstyling, shaving, and other daily stuff.

Since backlit vanity mirrors use LED lights rather than fluorescent and other types, power consumption is quite low, and the life of the product is good.

Considerations before buying LED bathroom mirrors

After knowing the various types of LED bathroom mirrors, some other considerations are to buy the best lighted mirror.

  1. Purpose

Before buying the LED mirror, please decide the purpose of buying the makeup mirror with lights. It is essential to know whether you want the LED mirror for makeup, shaving, interior decoration, or just for your regular bathroom activities. Deciding the purpose will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable LED mirror.

  1. Size

The size of the LED bathroom mirror should be decided according to the space you have. However, there is a general suggestion of keeping the size of the LED mirror lesser than the sink. If you are planning to install a vanity light, it should be 6 inches above the mirror.

  1. Shape

LED vanity mirrors are available in all possible geometric shapes. You can choose the apt shape of the mirror according to your requirement.

  • Square and Rectangular- The most common types of shapes are the square and rectangular-shaped mirrors. They can easily be mounted on walls vertically or horizontally.
  • Hexagons and Octagons- These can be eye-pleasing centerpieces that can make a place look highly attractive.
  • Circular and Oval- These are known for the smooth and finished corners that will anyhow complement your bathroom. Thering light mirror gives a whole new presentation to the place.
  1. Style

The combination of the color, shape, and size of the mirror decides the style it will present to the area. We will not hesitate to mention that it is one of the most stylish mirrors that have changed the entire mirror industry. There are options to choose between framed or frameless mirrors. The frameless mirror is a perfect choice for the sleek and simple interior design, while framedLED vanity mirror will give an exotic touch to the place.

Can a mirror be wider than a vanity?

Generally speaking, the bathroom mirror should not be wider than the sink basin or the bathroom vanity. It should always be a few inches shorter in width than the bathroom cabinet, but the height of the mirror has no such standard. The height of a bathroom mirror, whether lighted or non-lighted, should be sufficient so that each member of the house can use it without any difficulty.

Bathroom Mirror vs Regular Mirror

There is a huge difference between a bathroom mirror and a regular mirror. The most noticeable difference is that the bathroom mirrors are perfect for damp locations, while a normal mirror may get affected due to moisture.

How high should a bathroom mirror be above the vanity?

The standard height at which the bathroom mirror should be placed will vary depending on the size of the mirror, the height of the vanity, sink and the faucets and most importantly, the height of the users. Always fix a bathroom mirror at the eye-level for most of the users.

Few easy tips:

Hang the mirror at 5 to 10 inches above the sink and vanity.

Fix it a few inches above the top of the bathroom faucets.

How many watts should an LED vanity mirror be?

An LED vanity mirror consuming less than 25 Watts should have a lumen output of 1200 to 2000 which is ideally sufficient for a bathroom measuring 6 x 8 feet. For bigger bathrooms, LED lighted mirrors with lumen output as high as 3500 Lumen are readily available, which have an average power rating of 26 to 46 Watts.

Where do you hang the LED mirror?

The LED mirror can be hung above your vanity or sink. You can also install it anywhere in the open space in your bathroom. These can also be installed in an area where you need to enhance the interior d?cor.