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Collection: Shaw Flooring

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About Shaw Flooring


Shaw flooring is a premium company that offers you the most sophisticated natural-looking flooring options. The Shaw LVP flooring resembles the authentic wood floorings but with a better approach. From a longevity standpoint, Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring is highly recommended over conventional hardwood flooring because the typical wood flooring might not last wear and tear, and the planks tend to lose their strength in high moisture content locations.

What is the Concept of Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Shaw flooring has become quite popular in the flooring industry as its flooring options are both efficient and effective. In addition, these flooring options are pretty reliable with wooden, natural stone, marble, and other natural textures.˜

There are majorly two types of Shaw flooring, i.e., Shaw LVT flooring and Shaw LVP flooring. Both are extremely durable flooring options. There is a slight difference between them on the basis of their shape, structure, and installation. Shaw vinyl flooring is termed as the symbol of luxury in modern homes because of its exquisite looks.

Furthermore, the Shaw flooring is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Therefore, one can prefer using the Shaw vinyl flooring in their home, office, shops, department stores, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and any particular site.

Pros of Shaw Shaw Flooring

  • Appearance - Appearance is one of the most prominent benefits of the Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring, as they look somewhere similar to conventional hardwood flooring. The endearing textures and natural shades create a sophisticated look for the indoors.
  • Affordable - Shaw flooring is popular for its fantastic looks and affordable prices. Unlike typical wooden flooring, they don?t require you to spend quite a lot of money. In fact, they are a budget-friendly alternative with additional benefits.
  • Environmentally-friendly - Shaw vinyl flooring comes with numerous benefits that help you and your pocket. However, they are a great option that benefits the environment as well. The Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring does not contain any harmful contents that might cause damage to the environment.
  • Durable - Compared to conventional flooring, Shaw is a durable flooring option that lasts for a really impressive amount of time. They don?t swell in places with high moisture content. Also, they can last in commercial spaces effortlessly without compromising their quality and strength.
  • Easy to maintain - Unlike typical flooring alternatives, Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring provides you the ease of not spending hours to clean them, In fact, general mopping can help you clean them. You don?t require expensive professional cleaning services to make them look good as new as they will not be ruined by coming in contact with water.
  • Pet-friendly - Many people are concerned about their flooring because their pet damages them. For this reason, one can undoubtedly opt for Shaw LVP flooring. These highly efficient planks are pet-friendly and can sustain scratches and pet spills.

Difference between LVP and LVT


  • LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Planks. These are plastic composite planks that are used as hardwood flooring alternatives. However, their looks are so similar to conventional hardwood flooring that one cannot easily detect whether they are apart or alike.
  • LVPs are elongated floorings that generally come in 4x48 inches and 7 inches sizes.˜
  • Click & lock, nail down, and loose lay are some commonly used installation methods for fixing the Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring.


  • LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These tiles resemble wooden flooring, marble, natural stone, and other natural textures, but their construction is more durable. Unlike regular tiles, vinyl tiles are more suitable for commercial spaces in terms of strength and longevity.
  • LVTs are the typical square and rectangular-shaped tiles that look somewhere similar to ceramic and natural stone tiles.
  • To fix Shaw LVT flooring, one can prefer the glue down or the loose lay installation method to install these tiles firmly.

Difference between SPC and WPC

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite, whereas WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. Both are rigid flooring options that have exquisitely durable features. However, their core later states the main difference between the two of them.

In Shaw flooring, the SPC contains natural PVC material. On the other hand, plastic composites and wooden pulps are present in the core layer of the WPC flooring type. Apart from the core layer, SPC and WPC are different from one another in various aspects.


The structure of WPC is quite different than SPC as the thickness of wood plastic composite made Shaw vinyl flooring is more than the stone plastic composite ones.

Walking comfort

In WPC, the foot comfort can easily be felt as it comes with a cushioned layer that helps you with a comfortable walking feel. On the other hand, SPCs are tough floorings with stiff structures as they don?t provide any particular walking comfort.

Sound deading

WPC is a highly sound absorbent flooring option that eliminates the clicking sound while you walk on them, and they come with an attached IXPE-pad that deadens the footstep?s sound.


WPC might be a superior flooring option in terms of thickness, comfort, and deading sound features, but SPC is a way more preferable flooring option regarding durability. They can effortlessly bear wear and tear without damaging or losing their looks.