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    About Cabinets

    Choose the finest cabinet style for your kitchen, bath and closet.ÿ

    Are you looking for modern and stylish or contemporary cabinets? If yes, you are at the right destination. Purchasingcabinets online with Ivanees is as simple as choosing your favorite burger from any popular store.

    We are a team of highly professional people having expertise in cabinets who will guide you to decide and buy the best cabinet designs and colors. Ivanees brings all the latest and trendycabinets like farmhouse, classic, andmodern cabinets.

    We have all the kinds ofcabinets whether you want to renovate your kitchen or to start afresh. We assure you that you will find an appropriate kitchen cabinet according to your requirements that will uplift the ambiance of your kitchen. So let?s begin to plan your dream kitchen with some of the best styles and colors of thecabinets.

      Arrange all your kitchen accessories like cups, glass, plates, and many more in your kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are highly accessible if you want to make your kitchen more pleasant and welcoming.

      Different style option for your space:

      Farmhouse Style Cabinets:

      The simplicity and warm home appeals are the major attraction of theFarmhouseÿ style cabinets. This cabinet style is one of the simplest and well-loved kitchen styles up to this day.

      Someÿcommon details used in Farmhouse style cabinets design

      • Colors:Light colors like white and cream
      • Hardware:Dark metals such as black, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze
      • Door Styles:Shaker style cabinets or recessed style cabinets
      • Molding and Panels:Plain paneling on cabinets, decorative on islands
      • Fixtures:Farmhouse Sink, Farmhouse style faucet

      Modern Style Cabinets:

      Modern Style cabinets are a combination of different designs and materials to give a unique look to the place. It is mainly defined as the less traditional and more contemporary cabinet, but every design has historical roots in terms of period, style, or inspiration.

      Most common details used in Modern style cabinets design

      • Colors:Neutrals, Also can be added with an accent color element.
      • Door Frames:Slab style, Flat panel cabinets.
      • Hardware:Handles in dark metals, Modern cutting edge design.

      Traditional Style Cabinets:

      Natural Wood being the most traditional cabinet material, is highly used in this Cabinet style. They are designed to remain endless, simple, and new rather than dense, dark, and complicated.

      This cabinet style holds on to light color schemes associated with some dark themes that will give you a sense of comfort when it comes to choosing a classic design. Traditional kitchen cabinets generally have higher panel drawers and doors with decorative beveling. Add hardware finishes like brass, polished nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze for a comfortable, antique aesthetic.

      Most common details used in Traditional style cabinets design

      • Colors:Creams, off whites, white, and traditional wood tones
      • Door Frames:Decorative, raised panels
      • Hardware:Pulls and knobs in antique finishes
      • Molding and Panels:Decorative end panels, decorative crown molding

      Contemporary Style Cabinet:

      Contemporary Style Cabinets, as the name suggests, are a balanced blend of classic and modern designs. To achieve the contemporary kitchen cabinet, rely on sleek, modest, and smooth designs with an elegant touch.ÿ

      Since it is a mixture of different styles, no particular color is associated with the contemporary cabinet. You can go with white, grey or choose the dark and dynamic colors in the contemporary kitchen cabinet.

      Most common details used in Contemporary style cabinets design

      • Colors: Any traditional or neutral colors in white, grey, or dark tones
      • Door Frames: Modern or classic door frames, often with raised panels
      • Hardware: Curved or straight edge pulls and knobs
      • Molding and Panels: Match cabinetry in style

      Industrial StyleÿCabinets:

      Industrial kitchens featured high ceilings, huge windows, a large area with wide-open bricks, piping, and beams.

      The raw architectural elements used in the industrial kitchen cabinets are hands-on elements. You may have considered these elements boring but are now part of the new and latest Industrial Kitchen Cabinets.

      Most common details used in Industrial styleÿcabinets design

      • Colors: Grey, wood, or monochromatic color schemes
      • Hardware: Iron, steel, and knobs or pulls with black finishes
      • Door Frames: Modern, slab, or Shaker style
      • Molding and Panels: Very little molding or decoration, keep panels plain and simple

      White/Antique White Color Cabinets:

      If you browse on google to know the most popular color for cabinets, the result will be white. There was research based on 597,108 kitchens designed since 2009, and it was found that 47.36% have a white finish. This percentage is highest when compared to other colors.

        White Color Cabinets make your kitchen more welcoming and inviting. It is also perfect to create an illusion of space and make the small kitchen look bigger. Though it needs more cleanliness and maintenance as dirt is easily visible, it is still the priority of the buyers.

          Gray/Neutral Color Cabinets:

          Gray or Neutral Cabinets are a new norm in the color range of cabinets. If you want something between light anddark cabinets, gray is a perfect choice.

          This color scheme gives a new look and feels to the kitchen. We have varieties of choices even in gray color. They uplift the aura of the kitchen and allows versatility. This color may look boring when it comes to interior d‚cor, but they fit nicely for kitchen cabinets.

            Wood look texture cabinets:

            Wood has always been a prominent choice for kitchen, bath and closet cabinets. Unfortunately, many people assume that it is not a perfect choice for the contemporary kitchen. However, denying this assumption, we assure you thatwoodÿ texture cabinets are still one of the best choices to remodel your kitchen, vanity or closet space.

            The wood texture designs are exclusive and sophisticated kitchen cabinets that have been a priority for a long time now. The versatility of this color can be understood with the fact that the two pieces? wood will never be similar.

              Dark Color Cabinets:

              Light colors are always considered as humble and soothing colors, whereas darker colors are known for their boldness and elegance. Similarly, thedark cabinets open up the array of hues for the kitchen, bath and closet area.

              They are easy to maintain as they do not highlight dirt and filth. In addition, they are very easy to clean and are highly presentable.

                Framed vs Frameless Cabinets:

                Let us understandFramed and Frameless cabinets in depth. Then, when you buy the cabinets, you will have to choose between framed and frameless cabinets.

                Framed Cabinets

                • This is a traditional American-based cabinet.
                • They are easy to install, and the door/drawer can easily be adjusted.
                • Stronger and have a longer lifespan
                • Wide variety of options to choose from.

                Frameless Cabinets

                • This is a European Style Cabinet.
                • They are more spacious than framed cabinets.
                • Available with adjustable shelves.
                • Lesser cabinet profile options to choose from.

                Some Cabinet Hardware and Accessories:

                If you are bored with your old cabinets, changingcabinet hardware and accessory is one of the best ways to give them a new appearance. This method is an affordable way to add an artistic appearance to your cabinets.

                1. Cabinet Molding - Cabinet Molding can be defined as the addition of decorative wood to customize the look of Cabinets. They are basically used to fill the gap between the ceiling and the cabinet. It can be installed above or below the cabinet. In addition, various moldings can be used to make the kitchen cabinets more exotic.
                1. Cabinet Hardware -ÿPulls and knobs are very important hardware of the cabinet. The style of pulls and knobs make the cabinet dull or stylish. Other than color, knobs, and pulls are the main accessories of the cabinets. Knobs are smaller than pulls and are available in various geometric designs and finishes. You can choose according to your requirement. Pulls are more comfortable when opening heavy drawers and large doors. You can also mix pulls and knobs to give your cabinet space a stunning look.
                1. Cabinet Lights -ÿThis is one of the best ways to decorate your cabinets. You will have the option for both under-cabinet and in-cabinet lights. For under-cabinet, LED Strips light are the best choice. This will make the kitchen a very sophisticated area. The area under the cabinet is generally shadowy and dark, so it brightens up the area. Lighting is always an apt way to give your kitchen an attractive look at an affordable price.

                How to install cabinets by yourself?

                Installingÿcabinets by yourself may be time taking and tiring, but it is not that complicated. You can also hire a professional, but it can be an expensive method. So with the right planning, the right measurements, and the right equipment, you can install the kitchen cabinets on your own.

                • Step 1: Measure the dimensions of your cabinet space.
                • Step 2: Mark the area with a pencil or chalk.
                • Step 3: Decide the position for the top base cabinet. Generally, the top of the base cabinet should be 34.5 in (Kitchen) & 30 in (Bath) above the floor, but it can vary with the dimension of the room.
                • Step 4: Mark the other lines to decide the position for the bottom of the kitchen cabinets.
                • Step 5: To install the corner wall cabinet box, drill on the wall and the back of your cabinet. Make sure to do the same in the top and bottom of the cabinet.
                • Step 6: Then install the other wall cabinet by attaching the side adjacent to the mounted cabinet. You can screw the two sides together.
                • Step 7: Then, install the base cabinets, beginning from the corner cabinet. Go through your design packet for specific measurements.
                • Step 8: Repeat steps 6 and 7 to properly store the base cabinets.

                Always at your Service!

                We have tried to mention all the possible details on this page, which will help you choose the best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen area. However, if you still have some doubts and need assistance with our Kitchen Cabinets, please write us a mail at or feel free to call at740-697-5223.ÿ

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