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Collection: Cabinets & Storage

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    About Cabinets & Storage

    Keeping your things organized is one of the biggest challenges one can have at home, but you seldom dare to tackle it. Lame Excuses like ""My Home is not messy; it's just organized chaos.˜keeps you going.

    Most of the people have messy homes, offices, and garages. This disarray is just time-wasting, distracting, and most dangerous of all, it makes us unproductive by a little margin, every day. It is where furniture and cabinets kick in. They are handy; they help you organize your stuff better, which in turn enables you to organize your time better.

    Storage cabinets and shelves are designed to serve many other purposes as well. They complement the decor of your living room, offices, garages, or anywhere you need them. Choosing the best design and material for your cabinets is essential as it adds to the aesthetic aspects.

    Mark the Needs and Territories -

    Before you buy any of the items in cabinets or storage, decide why you need them and where you need them. Knowing it beforehand will not only help you to make the best buying decision. Also, it makes sure that you get the best results with your investment.

    Classification of Storage furniture by Materials Used˜

    The material of cabinet storage heavily depends on your aspirations with the piece of furniture. Three materials are commonly used in the manufacturing of storage cabinets-

    Wood Storage cabinet -

    Shelves made of wood are generally used in places where your aesthetics are needed along with the utility. Being inexpensive and handier than metal storage components is one of the reasons they are the most preferred storage options out there.

    For preventing cabinets from moisture, a layer of baked enamel is applied all over the body to enhance its longevity. One should keep in mind that wooden cabinets should not be used as a tall storage cabinet, laundry storage, or near to places where moisture is present.

    Wood storage cabinets, shelves, or drawers, you could go for anyone without giving a second thought.

    Metal Storage cabinet-

    Metal shelves are used for the storage of bulk materials owing to their sturdy nature. They are robust, a little more expensive, but far stronger than wood storage cabinets. They are far more tolerant of moisture, but still, to prevent them from tarnishing, frequent polishing is essential. Tall storage cabinet made from metal last much longer than your typical wood made shelves. They are the best choices if you want to store tools and other bulky materials.

    Display Cabinet-

    Display cabinets are used for showcasing and exhibiting purposes.This third category requires a separate note here. These pieces are built using two materials, one being glass and other being wood/iron-based on particular usage. They are used at homes, art galleries, and museums. There are different specifications needed for all the different places.

    Woodworking and welding specialists craft display cases/cabinets. They also follow some safety standards specific to each use case.

    Try a wide range of storage furniture at Ivanees. Our beautiful display cabinet for your home helps you to achieve aesthetics with utility