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Collection: Ice Maker

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    About Ice Maker

    Unlike domestic needs, requirements in the hospitality industry are much higher. Ice is one such item that is required frequently- especially at restaurants serving alcohol, shakes, or smoothies. Standard freezers are insufficient to create ice in such capacities. To cater to the needs at such places, the workers require commercial ice-makers to ensure clean and fresh ice in the desired shapes at regular intervals.

    To fulfill the needs at the asked rate, an ice-making machine should be of high quality. To ensure heavy-duty ice-maker for your place check the important points below.

    Important Factors While Choosing a Commercial Icemaker

    Whenever you are buying any commercial appliance for your home, make sure you do proper research for the product. In the case of the commercial icemakers, it holds as well. At your commercial space, you always want to ensure a consistent supply of fresh and crystal clear ice cubes. We want you to take care of the following factors while buying a non-residential ice maker:

    Place of Installation

    The model and the size are the main factors which decide the primary factors associated with the commercial units in restaurant and bars.

    Additionally, if the kitchen area is small to moderate in size, then you can find space-efficient under-counter models at˜Ivanees helpful. Additionally, the build of the ice makers changes as per the heat being dissipated in the area. The requirements for both residential and non-residential units are quite different.

    The Environment

    Knowing your environment before installing commercial units makes a lot of sense as it helps you to cut the additional resources. If you want to save on other resources, then you should opt for water-cooled models as they are tailored specifically for extremely hot setups. With them, you are not supposed to shed extra water. So, you should be saving both money and water at a single go.

    The Type of Freezer

    Major the model you should be buying revolves around three specs- Area available, Temperature, Space, and Smooth operations. To ensure continuous supply even at high demand time, make sure you have a matching ice-producing machine installed at your place. If you need an ice-maker at an extremely hot space, then water-cooled models are the best option. To make the best use of limited space, go for space-saving combined non-domestic ice-making units that enable you to tap out ice and water from the same unit.


    Is mainstream boring for you? Do you want to serve drinks to your guests which is not only refreshing but also gives pleasure to their eyes? Try the under-counter bell shape ice maker at Ivanees which gives you this choice with ease. Our high-quality ice producing machines come with standard product warranty and 30 days returns facility.